A better leasing experience

redesigned with smart locks

Renters tour apartments by themselves,

whenever they want, no agents on-site, no scheduling.

For Landlords

We provide innovative solutions for better management

Agents save time

2x Faster Leasing

Agents never miss out on any lead, we help generating new leads from renters using the app nearby

Manage smart access

Smart Access

Access-control apps for residents, deliveries, maintenance and other services

Transparency & Insights

Transparency & Insights

Knock provides insights based on users’ feedback and activity

For renters

We provide a unique apartment-shopping experience.
Renters tour apartments whenever they want, no agents on-site, no scheduling.

Get an invitation to visit the apartment

Get invited to use Knock app

Knock automatically replies to listing inquiries by sending out Knock app invites.

Users are verified

Verify your identity

Knock uses social media, email and phone number verification.

Unlock with your mobile

Enter apartments using Knock app

Upon arrival renters can buzz-open the building’s entrance and unlock the apartment’s door.

Tour apartments by yourself

Tour apartments by yourself

Renters can explore, imagine, save notes and express themselves freely.

Get in touch with the listing agent

An agent is always available

During the visit or after, renters can easily contact an agent for questions and application.

Knock lets you unlock
the apartment without keys

Locks automatically
as you leave the apartment

Get the app Get it for free

From door openers to salespersons

We value your agents' time. Agents using Knock are always available to assist clients and facilitate negotiations.
No traveling, no keys, and no door openings.